Sunday, 11 July 2010

Yes Tor

After having a quick look at the Great West Fell Race ( I felt inspired to have a go at running up to Yes Tor myself, as it is unlikely I will be able to enter the proper race. On this occasion I decided to deviate slightly from the GWFR route and extend the run a little.

After an early start we got up to Meldon Reservoir car park about 8:00, and were met by the looming figure of Yes Tor which was pleasantly basked in glorious sunshine!
The climb upto the top was brutal, and my calves were seriously burning, and I pretty much walked most of it! However, after the first initial torture the rest of the run was fantastic, and the weather conditions were perfect.

The Route:
Meldon Reservoir Carpark
Yes Tor
High Willhays
Dinger Tor
Lints Tor
Black-a-Tor Copse
Round Reservoir back to carpark


Next adventure is the DMM on the 24th-25th July, so will be writing a full race report, once I have finished!


  1. Nearly had a trot up there meself this morning! The climb up Yes Tor can be a bit testy but the best line seems to be to the right of the boggy bits and then cut left when nearly as high as that outcrop. Have a good DMM :-)


  2. The route is a perfect trail. Very challenging.

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