Tuesday, 6 July 2010

North Moor Jaunt

With the upcoming DMM and OMM I have been out training with my team mate on the North Moor and testing out all my new gear. On Sunday morning I got up at 5am and headed to Postbridge to try and get at least 6 hours running under our belt before it got too hot. However, we need not have gotten up so early as the weather turned miserable by about 11:00 and the dreaded mist descended upon us! Luckily this was a good oppurtunity to really practice my navigation skills, and test out how waterproog my new OMM Jacket was.

The Route:
Start at Postbridge Carpark
Head North to Grey Wethers Stone Circles
W to Sittafor Tor
NW to Quintins Man
N to Hanginstone Hill
NE to Wild Tor then Hound Tor
NW to Oke Tor
S to Cranmere Pool (The original Dartmoor Letterbox!)
S to Devils Tor
E to Lower White Tor
Return to Postbridge

Total Distance Roughly 20-25 Miles depending on route choice whilst navigating.

Unfortunatley due to the mist and the lack of visibility, we slightly changed our route after Cranmere pool and headed back East to Hangingstone Hill so we could retrace our earlier route. However, even this was a struggle in the terrible conditions and despite our compass showing East, it still felt like we were going round in circles! But we managed to find our earlier route and head back to the car.

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