Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Drinking Water?

Any further thoughts on drinking water on Dartmoor?

I have always just assumed the water is probably bad and always carried a camelbak or similar with me. However, since I have started taking longer runs and carrying more kit I have struggled to justify the extra 3kg of weight that 3L of water represents!

Last Sunday for the first time I started my run carrying nothing but two empty drinking bottles, I then filled these from the streams, and added a few drops of Iodine Tincture to kill any nastys that may have been lurking in the water. This method seems to have worked well, and I had no adverse effects from drinking the water, it didnt even taste too bad! The only negative thing I did notice was the fact that I drank less than half as much as I would have done if I had my Camelbak.


  1. Ive got a 1.5l bladder in my Classic which does for about a couple of hours. On a re-fill I do the usual check upstream for dead stuff and chuck a purtitab in. I have tried it neat on a few occasions rather than drink swinmming pool water, but it's a lottery tbh.
    (That shot from Belever Tor?)


  2. A Camelbak Classic with a 1.5l bladder does me for a couple of hours and I chuck a puritab in on re-fills. I have tried it neat after the usual checks for dead stuff with no probs, but not often.
    Is the header shot from Bellever Tor?

  3. Yeah its from top of Bellever, good skills! Yeah I think 1.5L camelbak is a good bet to start with. At least that makes you drink a little more as its easy to get at whilst on the move.