Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Princetown to Ivybridge

I have signed up to run the Endurance Life Dartmoor Mountain Marathon at the end of this month. As such I will need to carry all my gear for 48 hours on my back, including a tent, food, sleeping bag etc...
After some careful shopping around and reading some other reviews I decided to purchase the OMM classic 25L, which has just enough room to fit all my kit in.

To fully test the bag in use me and my team mate ran from Princetown back to Ivybridge.

The Route:
Start at Princetown SX59121 73493 Take the road SE past South Hessary House
Continue E past Tor Royal and onto the open moorland
Head to Crock of Gold
S to Whiteworks Tin Mine
SE to Childes Tombe
S to Caters Beam
S to Ducks Pond (Dartmoor Letterbox)
S to Blacklane Brook Ford
Follow River to Piles Copse
S to Harford Moor Gate
S to Addicombe
Continue down Two Moors Way route into Ivybridge

Rough Distance is 13-15 miles.

We did take a GPS with us but it got confused under the trees and tried to claim we had run 93.5 miles, with an impressive top speed of 48 mph!

A full review of the bag may be found here;


  1. Hi Dartmoor Runner - enjoy the DMM - should be a hoot if it's not too hot. Sounds like a cracking north moor run - love it up there. Take care.


  2. Cracking stuff - good to know there's other nutters out there in the clag!