Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Balloon Bed

My Balloon Bed arrived in the post this morning, I am planning on using this in the DMM and OMM as I was slightly worried about using just the OMM Duomat, as it looks about as comfy as a mousemat!

This bed works by inflating model balloons and inserting them into the mat which is constructed from ripstop parachute material. This makes it extremely light and capable of being packed down to the size of a Mars bar. See for more info.

Had a quick go at setting it up as apparently it can be a bit fiddly. I only burst one balloon in the process and it took about 15mins, which isnt too bad. It is extremely light and packs down into a tiny stuffsack, ( Shown on the left) and weighs only 100g! Seems quite comfy to lie on, but I will report back more once I have 'field tested' it.

Price: £20

1 comment:

  1. Top kit. Got one for a KIMM a few years back. Only downside is I kept sliding off so had to wedge myself in! Balloons a bit fiddly to tie (take loads of spares)but there's bugger all else to do at overnight camp!